Across the world, millions of sports fans have a special place in their hearts for cricket. It may be the only Indian sport watched faithfully. Cricket is a game that can be played either outside or indoors, but no matter where you play it, you can always count on a good time. 

Fans of the sport were hit hard by the epidemic, but many found solace in playing cricket video games online.

It might be difficult to choose the ideal multiplayer cricket game to play on Android among the many different cricket games available, making it difficult to play with friends or random opponents.

 If you're a passionate gamer and a cricket enthusiast, you'll appreciate our hand-picked collection of the greatest multiplayer cricket games available for Android and iOS.

The Most Comprehensive Collection Of Online Multiplayer Cricket Games

It's time to get your bat out, smash some sixes, and bowl out the opposition. We are here to show you some fantastic cricket field action. Be ready to enjoy all the thrills and excitement of cricket from the comfort of your own home. 

If you are a diehard cricket fan, you won't be let down by our matches. You will have the freedom to smash sixes, take wickets, and assist your side in winning matches. 

If you're yearning for some cricket action and confident in your timing, then you should play one of our cool new cricket games available on the internet.

1. Real Cricket Series

There are a number of Real Cricket applications, each of which is tailored to a certain kind of gaming. There is also a Test Match, an Australian T20 Bash, the Champions League, and the Champions League. 

There is a lot of cricket there. All of them are multi-player cricket games for Android with realistic, stunning visuals. While all other versions provide incredible details and visuals, only the Go version, which is just 35 MB, is suitable for inexpensive devices.

A common thread runs across all of the games, such as the fact that they are all based on various tournaments held all around the globe. Take part in the auctions, create your team, guide them throughout the tournament, create player profiles, and so on. 

The app's creators have collaborated with Gray-Nicolls and SS Cricket to offer real cricket equipment such as bats, pads, helmets, and more. Put on your best cricketing attire for a match with your pals.

2. Cricket Clash

Want to play more of your favorite sport to get better at hitting? Those who are serious about their batting will find that Cricket Clash is the ideal game for them to play. 

In Cricket Clash, players from all over the world compete in head-to-head matches on mobile devices running Android and iOS. The match consists of two overs, and players may earn runs by hitting fours and sixes throughout their innings. 

Your total runs scored are carried over into the second over of the game. You get the full-on cricket experience when you go head-to-head against a live opponent in a run-scoring competition. 

Anyone with an Android or iOS device may download the MPL app and play this multiplayer cricket game there. Whether you want to practice against a real person or compete for real money, you may do both with the free cricket games.

3. Cricket League

You can get your hands on Cricket League through the Google Play Store. Cricket League is a multiplayer online game in which users compete in fast-paced two-over matches against one another or people from across the globe.

You earn coins whenever you interact in competition with other players, and these coins can be applied towards assembling the ultimate team for you. 

Cricket League can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for no cost, however, there are advertisements inside the game, and you can pay for more content with in-app purchases.

4. Stick Cricket

This game boasts that it is the "world's most popular cricket game," and the fact that it has been downloaded over 10 million times and received 4.3 out of 5 stars from previous users seems to support this claim to some degree. 

With just two buttons—one to press on the offside and the other on the leg side—the controls are as simple as they get. But, timing is very essential; even a little delay might result in bells flying over the wickets.

Having said that, the game offers a variety of game styles, including All-Star Slog, World T20, and a 14-nation World Domination Tournament. 

But if all of them first appear overwhelming, don't forget to practice at the Academy's net session until you are a skilled batter.

5. World Cricket Championship 3

One of the highest-rated cricket video games designed for Android and stocked in the Google Play store is titled "World Cricket Championship 3." There are both online and offline 1v1 multiplayer options, which is a huge plus.

You have the option of playing online opponents in addition to nearby opponents. There are approximately 150 batting animations in the game, while there are 28 bowling movements. 

You may pick between 42 different stadiums and 18 different national teams from across the world. When it comes to the controls for the games, they were nicely made and simple to learn. 

The game also prompts players to choose the pitch conditions, D/L system, weather, player qualities, etc. before the game starts.

6. CSK Battle of Chepauk 2

Would you want to manage an IPL team? You now have the opportunity. You will be in charge of managing the team for none other than CSK, which will be commanded by Captain Cool, MS Dhoni. 

There are five distinct game forms to choose from in cricket, including the super over and the slog, and you get to construct your own side and pick who plays and why.

While playing in "super match mode," you'll be given a real-life match score from that stadium as a goal to strive for. You will only need one over to complete the super over and attain the goal. 

There may be up to five people playing simultaneously in the multiplayer cricket game mode. 

Everything is genuine, and there are no fakes since this is the official app with the full backing of CSK. The game's names, scores, scenarios, and gameplay are all based on real-world events.

7. Big Bash Cricket

Among the top multiplayer cricket games, Big Bash Cricket stands out for its cutting-edge graphics, extensive customization options, realistic animations, and user-friendly interface. 

Multiple-player support allows for up to 5 people to compete in both public (online) and private (offline) matches. There are three different types of matches that may be played in Big Bash Cricket. 

These matches can either be a small super over a game, a rapid play, or a full BBL tournament. The Australian Big Bash League's official game is Big Bash Cricket.

8. Ashes Cricket 

You may take part in any international tournament or the whole Ashes series with Ashes Cricket. It's a great choice if you're looking for a PC multiplayer cricket game since it offers a wide variety of match formats. 

You have the option of playing a 50-over contest, a T20 match, or a more leisurely test match. You may choose to compete in domestic or international events. Excellent visuals in Ashes Cricket don't tax your computer while you're playing. 

In the game's multiplayer feature, users may share players, teams, cricket fields, and custom-made players with one another. Also, the game is best for people who are just starting out because it is easy to learn how to play. There are five different levels of difficulty: easiest, easy, amateur, pro, and legend.

9. Cricket Revolution

Cricket Revolution is a sports-themed online multiplayer video game, and it's often considered to be among the top cricket games for Windows 10. 

The main emphasis is on a centralized online mechanism enabling communities to share data with players. The multiplayer mode, in which players compete against one another online, is the major method of play for this game. 

Players' stats, performance data, and game-winning innings and scores are recorded and tracked in-game. If you're really good at the game, it will log your stats and share them on an online leaderboard and rating scale. 

In addition to multiplayer options, Cricket Revolution offers three additional single-player game modes, each with a unique set of challenges. 

10. Godspeed Cricket League (GCL)

The GCL is the last of the multiplayer cricket games on Android. With realistic visuals and in-depth statistics, this cricket video game is a fan favorite. 

Make your own team and invite your friends to compete in a tournament with you. The rapid play feature allows for 2v2 multiplayer action. Gameplay with all other online users is possible in Player vs. Player. The game is made for live events like the IPL, Godspeed Cricket League, etc.

Final thoughts on Multiplayer Cricket Games

All of them are excellent choices for multiplayer cricket games that can be enjoyed by internet users anywhere and at any time. 

These games are absolutely wonderful, and the amount of factors that you may manage is remarkable, with the exception of Stick Cricket, which is an outlier because of the game's complexity. By excelling at simplicity, they established a reputation for themselves. 

If you are aware of any further high-quality Cricket games available on the Play Store, we'd like to hear about them in the comments section below.