India has a massive cricket fan base that watches every match to cheer for the national team. Cricket enthusiasts are enthusiastic about any opportunity to interact with the sport, whether it is a live match, a fantasy league, or a mobile app. 

One of the best ways to get a taste of cricket's high-octane thrills without leaving home is through playing online cricket games. In recent years, a slew of top-notch cricket apps for iOS and Android mobile devices have been released, each providing a realistic simulation of the sport. 

The top cricket video games are World Cricket Championship 3, Real Cricket 20, and others. Sachin Saga Cricket is also included. You'll find yourself playing against some of the top athletes and teams in the world in these games. Several online cricket games are available for no cost on iOS and Android smartphones. 

A brief look at some of the top cricket games available for both Android and iOS mobile phones in India follows. But first, let's take a look at some factors to consider when choosing online cricket.

Criteria For Evaluating Online Cricket Games

A. Gameplay

Gameplay is a phrase that describes how players engage with a particular game. In short, when choosing an online cricket game, select a game that provides you with the challenge, mastery, and reward you like. All of them should be jam-packed with engaging and motivating activities.   

B. Graphics and animation

Choose a game that has excellent graphics and entertaining animations. That will help establish atmosphere and immersion in the game world, animations play an additional role in creating realistic characters and believable actions.

C. User interface

Look for the easiest user interface. An easier-to-use interface enables you to learn the system quickly and use it efficiently.

D. Sound effects and music

Music and sound effects help players understand the game environment, navigate its world, and merge into the gameplay. So look for an excellent sound that can elevate your experience and even boost your gaming skill.

E. Realism

The amount of visual detail and accuracy can have an impact on a player's expectations for your online cricket game in areas such as players, plot, and gameplay. For instance, gamers would probably anticipate that your game's mechanics match its extremely realistic visual aesthetic.

F. Game modes

At last, look for different gaming modes in cricket. That will enable you to play with different modes.

The Best Online Cricket Games

A. World Cricket Championship 2

If you're looking for a well-made, widely-played game, go no further than World Cricket Championship 2 on the Play Store. The game has a wide variety of new elements, such as the ability to choose between standard and non-standard shots such as the "Helicopter shot," "upper-cut," "paddle sweep," and more. 

Bowling is equally exciting as batting due to the game's 14 distinct bowling movements and a high degree of delivery control.

One of the game's primary appeals is that it incorporates the same cutting-edge elements present in today's cricket, such as a review system based on ultra-edge, hawk-eye, hot-spot, and more. There will be a total of 24 international teams, 10 local teams, and 32 venues to choose from in the game.

You may expect a pleasant cricketing experience at this location. You should know that the game is rather a resource- and graphics-intensive, so you'll need a decent phone to really appreciate it.

B. Epic Cricket – Big League Game

Epic Cricket is the perfect place to show off your incredible batting skills. This cricket game has every option available to ensure that you have a great gaming experience. To get started, choose the best players and put together the best team. 

And then, with your outstanding hitting, you led your team to stunning wins. But bear in mind that the opponent may flip the game in a matter of overs with a surprise comeback. Be careful to develop game-changing methods to ensure you're always coming out on top. And when your team gets to the much-anticipated final, do everything you can to beat the other team and bring home the prized cup.

C. Big Ant Studios Cricket 22 

Big Ant Studios has gone above and beyond to include improved fielding and bowling controls. The developer has incorporated fan suggestions into their development of the game.

The game's career mode gives players complete control over their player actions both on and off the field, from attending press conferences and dealing with injuries to picking their own route. In addition, Cricket 22 has ray-tracing components that may be used in real-time to create photorealistic images.

D. Stick Cricket Super League

Stick Cricket Super League is one of the greatest online cricket games you can discover that is both simple and entertaining to play if you are looking for a game that involves cricket. The Super League is the latest T-20 edition of the wildly successful Stick Cricket game on the Play Store. 

Although the game's name and visuals have changed, the gameplay is identical to those of earlier "stick" games. In other words, you can look forward to a fast-paced game with simple controls. 

This game is ideal for passing the time when you don't want to worry too much about the game and simply want to relax while hitting sixes. Moreover, you only need one hand to play, so you may enjoy this pastime with your meal or beverage in hand. It is perhaps the best cricket game available for Android devices.

E. Real Cricket 20

If you're a player who enjoys the finer points of the game, Real Cricket 20 is a fantastic option. This is the most authentic simulation of cricket available. Every match begins with a brief pregame show, then the toss, and finally the game itself. You can simply skip the sections you aren't interested in, so don't worry. 

Players have a great deal of influence over the action. You can pick where to hit the ball, whether to use your back- or front-foot, whether to leave the green, and whether to play a grounded or lofted shot, among other options.

Each over concludes with a recap of the event, including the path of every ball you faced and a slow-motion replay of any wickets you took or boundaries you hit. In fact, we even have a DRS system! This is the most genuine mobile cricket experience you can have. 

Additionally, it has a variety of game types, including a multiplayer version where you may compete against your friends or complete strangers online. The game may seem difficult at first, but it's really quite simple to pick up and become accustomed to. This is a game that all cricket enthusiasts should play.

F. Sachin Saga Cricket Champions

All right, this one's for the Sachin admirers. You would really appreciate this game if you are a die-hard Sachin fan since it allows you to play as Sachin Tendulkar. 

Sachin Saga Cricket Championship is the best quality cricket game available for the iPhone since it allows you to take on the role of Sachin and play in the same venues in which Sachin has previously competed.

You can play the game as 16-year-old Sachin and experience his whole 24-year cricket career. The game has more than 28 unique shots. In World Series mode, you may compete in worldwide events that are both realistic and exciting. 

Trial ball games are also a great way to prepare for major competitions. This greatest cricket game for iOS has timed matches, several camera views, and replays from many perspectives to give you a really unique cricket gaming experience.

Features Of The Best Online Cricket Games

A. World Cricket Championship 2

  • You may play against other players anywhere, online or off.

  • 150 unique batting animations and 28 unique bowling movements are available.

  • Play the blitz competition without cost.

  • Incredible fielding, full of spectacular diving catches and surprising fast throws.

  • Challenging AI opponent.

  • True physics, with a ball that moves in response to the pitch (dead, dusty, green).

  • Players' qualities improve over time, allowing them to maintain high levels of play.

  • There are 18 distinct national teams, 10 different international teams, and 42 venues.

  • Test cricket, major events, and over a dozen competitions, including the World Cup, Twenty-Twenty Cup, a blitz tournament, and the One-Day International Series.

  • The fielders' feelings change based on what's going on in the game.

  • The visual attractiveness is boosted by cinematic cameras and real-time lighting.

  • Graphical presentation of runs scored in 3D bar graphs across several innings.

  • Extremely slow-motion replays from a variety of perspectives.

  • There are more than 40 different camera views available in-game.

  • Two distinct batting controllers (classic & pro).

  • There are two vantage points from which to watch a cricket match: the bowlers and the batsman.

  • In the outfield, the ball-head coordination mechanism is well-developed.

  • Professional English/Hindi commentary with dynamic ground noises.

  • Lifted-shot timing device for use in a batting cage.

  • In all game variants, the player may take command of their opponent by manually positioning their field.

  • The user can change the starting lineup, including the names and positions of the eleven players.

  • The game is brought to life with misfielding, spectacular catches by the wicketkeeper, lightning-fast stumping, and tense calls from the third umpire.

  • The game also has over 110 new hitting strokes and new animations for the field, umpire, and throw.

  • Gameplay is smooth at 30 frames per second on most mid-range devices thanks to a battle-tested and upgraded engine.

B. Epic Cricket – Big League Game

  • HD images with realistic international players.

  • Live commentary throughout the whole match.

  • The whole range of contemporary batting and bowling styles (from reverse sweep to helicopter shot, and googly to doosra).

  • Players with comparable ability to worldwide stars.

  • All of the main cricketing nations are represented.

C. Big Ant Studios Cricket 22 

  • Improved ball throwing and tight controls will allow you to perform precise run-outs and create an engaging gaming experience.

  • Lifelike professional mode—attend conferences, and meetings, manage your training program, deal with ailments, and choose your route to worldwide fame.

  • If you're new to cricket, Cricket 22's updated lessons and first-time user experience will help you learn the game. You'll master game controls with these lessons. Big Ant's greatest sports simulation.

  • Cricket 22 utilizes the newest hardware. The game loads rapidly and has stunning real-time ray tracing, making it the most realistic cricket game ever.

D. Stick Cricket Super League

  • Take complete control of your T20 cricket squad and career in mobile cricket games.

  • Make your character unique and personalize it.

  • The game features cities from all around the world participating.

  • Strengthen your team with a few real cricket top players.

  • the top cricket players in the world to discuss seasonal contracts,

  • After winning the toss, choose you starting lineup and who will bowl and bat.

  • Making captaincy decisions will entirely be up to you.

  • Your progress will be shown via career and season data.

  • Win awards and honors.

E. Real Cricket 20

  • 1v1 - Compete in classic one-on-one multiplayer gameplay 

  • 2v2 - Play together with your pals

  • Watch your friends' live games in any of the multiplayer modes by tuning in to the stream.

  • dynamic gameplay

  • realistic stadiums

  • All new professional camera angles

  • Purchase and sell off players

  • special player faces and jerseys

F. Sachin Saga Cricket Champions

  • Compete against actual gamers online or with family and/or friends.

  • Win the league championship and your name will be listed in the Hall of Fame.

  • Participate in both traditional domestic and international events.

  • the opportunity to replay each amazing World Cup and IPL trip in its natural environment.

  • Compete in cricket games to win the monthly leaderboards for time-limited events.

  • Realistic batting experiences are produced by cutting-edge batting systems that replicate the circumstances of actual cricket matches in real venues.

  • Play each of Sachin's cricket shots exactly as he would.

EndNote: Best online cricket games to play

Cricket is a hobby for certain people, including me. It makes no difference whether we are watching or playing it. Cricket enthusiasts may essentially compare the two items. We have thus provided a list of the best multiplayer cricket games.

That concludes our list of the coolest online cricket games for cricket fans available on the internet. Despite the fact that there is a tonne of other options available, these 6 stood out in our tests as the top choices. 

Take a look and let us know what you think. Additionally, if you would like to share a game with us, simply include its name in the comments box below.