Cricket has a global fanbase because of the proliferation of broadcasting technologies that make the sport accessible at any time and from any place. People around the world say that cricket is the second most popular sport. 

There are several reasons for cricket's rising popularity. It's a really thrilling sport because, for instance, hitters run around the field and bowlers stroke the ball at high speeds. As an added bonus, cricket is a highly strategic game that requires teams to make split-second decisions while under pressure.

The popularity of cricket is due to its substantial cultural component. This activity often brings people of diverse cultures and origins together. Since cricket is so well-liked in countries like the UK, Australia, India, Pakistan, and New Zealand, viewers in every corner of the world may benefit from online cricket game streaming services that broadcast the games live. 

There's something very special about joining together around a shared love of a sport, whether that love is for a local team or a nationally recognized powerhouse.

Cricket is a cult among India's enormous population. Sometimes people miss work and classes to attend live sporting events. Cricket fans often find it difficult to enjoy matches that are not aired in their respective nations. 

Nevertheless, due to the availability of online cricket streaming live video services, it is now possible for anybody, at any time, and from any place, to watch the live game. We'll be outlining some of the most well-known and obscure internet live-streaming services that may be utilized in place of television broadcasts.

How to Online Cricket Game Streaming: Where Can I Find It?

Nowadays, there are innumerable options for watching almost any sport online, and cricket is no different. For the time being, we'll concentrate our listings on the most well-liked ones and continue growing as new ones are added.

Here Are Free Online Cricket Game Streaming Options

We draw this difference since it's uncommon to get something for nothing. Any "free" stream will require you to pay in some way, whether it's by showing you a lot of annoying ads or making you sign up for an account.

But we still think of these as free because they don't require direct payment, which seems to be the biggest problem for most people who want to watch live cricket streaming.


Everything about cricket is highlighted on CricketWorld. Multiple sections allow for easy navigation around the site. Within the play area, it is possible to really see sports broadcast updates of various leagues, contests, and events taking place all over the world. 

The live area displays the most recent game data; there are sections for now running, recently finished, upcoming, and archived stories. 

Even further, one may go to other sections to examine relevant content such as news, sports betting, cricket predictions, and so on.



Anywhere in the world, cricket fans can tune in to Watchcric to see live broadcasts of their favorite matches. The website has a ton of connections to cricket suppliers worldwide. 

Numerous choices exist for watching live sports, notably cricket, which includes all significant matches like India-Pakistan or Australia-England. 

Watchcric is one of India's first and longest-running free video-streaming websites. The vast majority of individuals are unaware of the prominence that websites such as WatchCric have in the nation.


Betting Sites

Online betting sites are a great way to enjoy online cricket game streaming, which is why we use them often. True, some of the major cricket matches (as well as other sporting events) from across the world are now available for free streaming on betting sites themselves.

Although you simply need to create an account to take advantage of this deal, it is not free. In most cases, accessing such a stream requires you to either have credits in your betting account or to have made a wager within the last 24 hours.

It's important to keep in mind that you cannot see the broadcasts in full-screen mode, for instance, at Bet365. Yes, that limitation is really peculiar.



You may also watch cricket on ESPN if you can't find a telecast. Though they are perhaps best known around here for their fantastic website ESPNcricinfo, they actually cover a wide range of sports, with an emphasis on American sports.

Because of this, the majority of the games that are shown on ESPN and ESPN2 are team sports like basketball, baseball, American football, ice hockey, and so on.

If you're looking for the best cricket coverage, though, you'll find it on ESPN3, which also features other sports.

Google Play and the iTunes Store both carry ESPN's streaming app.


Here Are Paid Online Cricket Game Streaming Options

Paying to see important cricket tournaments is still the norm. Back then, this was accomplished by purchasing cable from the appropriate network or, alternatively, by purchasing pay-per-view (PPV).

Cricket may still be seen on television through cable or DTH, but nowadays there is the opportunity to stream the games via the providers' mobile applications.

One of the most significant benefits of paying for the streams is that they will be more reliable and of higher quality. Generally, the stream will be up and running throughout the whole game, and you'll be able to watch it in the best quality available.

The most popular choices for paid cricket live streams are listed here for the greatest online cricket streaming watching experience.


SonyLIV Sports

SonyLIV is now well recognized as India's preferred online cricket streaming live destination for live cricket broadcasts. There are other cricket-specific channels in addition to the website and app for internet viewing. 

Recently, they've moved their attention to more cricket-related material, and it seems to be paying well. On the SonyLIV platform, you can essentially watch any sport, including cricket. The website also provides a comprehensive schedule of athletic events. 

The most recent cricket matches are also being brought up to date on the website for the consumers' convenience. Along with live sports coverage, SonyLIV also broadcasts the most recent events and cricket-related happenings. 

SonyLIV has a well-made movie player that changes the image resolution based on how fast your connection is. Lastly, you may watch additional well-known shows and events on SonyLIV.



One well-known website that allows users to watch cricket matches, as well as a wide variety of other well-liked Indian sports, is Hotstar. 

You may watch live cricket, go through highlights and replays of past games, and peruse a full calendar of upcoming games and other sporting events. Users of this online video platform do not actually need to register for an account in order to utilize it. 

For those who are not subscribers, there will be a delay of five minutes. Some of the most well-known television series and motion pictures are produced by Hostar, which is owned by Disney. 

Though the co-owned celebrity productions and cricket material are important, they are not the only priorities. The most eagerly awaited Indian Premier League is now available on various OTT platforms, having previously been viewed on Hotstar up until last year.


Video on Amazon Prime

In addition to their well-known worldwide movie and series streaming, Amazon Prime Video is a great way to watch live sports events. 

This is the first year that Amazon has made the program available in any of its stores, and it has already launched it in many countries, including New Zealand, Australia, and the United Kingdom. 

There is a scoreboard, daily coverage, and amazing visuals on Amazon Prime Video. Users of Prime Video are able to watch One-Day Internationals (ODIs), Twenty20 Internationals (T20s), and Tests. 

Additionally, Amazon has the license to stream any match that involves the New Zealand cricket team. Amazon is preparing to release a special sports app that will be used just for streaming media.



Sky Sports is a globally recognized sports service that is available in countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. 

They are a leader known for their excellent image quality and services and present live broadcasts of every championship in cricket. You can easily switch between each fast-paced event on Sky Sports. 

Even while sky sports give all sports similar attention, they do offer a channel that is just available for cricket matches: sky sports cricket. 

This sports video-streaming website has a very clean and easy-to-use user interface. Along with the excellent video, Sky Sports offers a continuous viewing bandwidth.



Fancode is a novel, competitively-priced sports broadcasting platform that enables customers to see the majority of important events. Fancode just entered the running to be the West Indies cricket team's official streaming partner. 

You may purchase a Fancode membership by paying an annual or quarterly fee. Anyone may watch sports games on a mobile device thanks to Fancode's customized iOS and Android programs, which are added to the website. 

Because Fancode is legitimate, it was created and is managed by Dream Sports, the leading provider of sports event software in India.


Enjoy Watching Online Cricket Game Streaming!

Cricket matches now get better free-to-air coverage than they did a few years ago. Due to the rise of platforms, it was essential that we evaluate the finest ones and offered just those. 

For viewing cricket matches, all of the platforms listed in this post provide the finest free online cricket game streaming options. If you are a fan of competitions like the IPL, you may find enjoyment by downloading specialist applications such as CricBuzz.


  • Is It Okay To Use Free Cricket Streaming Services?

Prior to exploring the following choices, one must first have a clear understanding that each of these websites is prohibited in the applicable jurisdiction. Most users can't afford the premium online cricket streaming live services that are available. Here is our compiled list of some of the best free and open-source solutions.