There is definitely a cricket fan living on each and every street. The cricket craze is at an all-time high at the moment since the Indian team is playing so well. Cricket, sometimes known as the "Gentleman's Game," is a sport of international renown that is played in a variety of nations. 

If you are a true fan of cricket, then you really need to download some of the greatest free online cricket games on smartphones.

Some individuals like it as a peaceful activity, while others see it as much more than a game. There is no doubt that playing the game may help someone enhance their physical fitness, strength, hand-eye coordination, and stamina. 

Because of the widespread appeal of this pastime, an abundance of new cricket video games have been made available to play online in the past few years. For better and more streamlined functioning, developers are attempting to improve the visual appeal of these games.

Indian subcontinent gamers love to play online cricket games, and cricket players are treated like gods there. Playing free online cricket games without downloading lets you experience fans' passion and vast understanding of the game. 

Among the most popular types of online sports games is cricket games, and many of these games can be played on mobile devices without the need for any additional software or downloads.

You have the option of choosing whether to bowl first or bat first while playing cricket online for free. Various cricket tournaments, including the ICC World Cup, Champions Trophy, T-20 World Cup, local variants of the game, including gully cricket, and others, are played with extraordinary online cricket fervor and excitement.

Different players may choose from a wide variety of cricket games online. The most common style for free online cricket games is one in which two opposing teams face off against one another in a match that is really intense and nerve-wracking since they are well-known and established competitors. 

 If you're wanting to know why you ought to start playing free online cricket games, check out the reasons below.

Benefits That Online Cricket Games Can Provide

Improve Memory and Cognition

A person's problem-solving abilities aid in the improvement of their brain's performance. Finding the appropriate game to play is thus crucial. Modern game designers are tasked with creating titles that offer players engaging challenges and improved responsiveness. 

While the obstacles in such cricket games are persistent, they are also simple to pick up and play. It's true that people use certain parts of their brains and not others. 

Thus, you may earn prizes by playing online cricket games, which improve speed, memory, reasoning, and logic. Additionally, such games reduce the impacts of aging-related forgetfulness and dementia.


Encourage socializing

Online cricket games provide greater cooperative play, engaging narratives, mental challenges, and the chance to earn real money. Moreover, the capacity to develop and nurture social connections makes online cricket games appealing. 

It lets users form informal, meaningful relationships. Several online cricket games let you challenge your pals, while others demand you to participate in communities and strengthen your friendships. 

You may also meet folks online. Interact with them to meet new friends and make cricket more enjoyable. It fosters "camaraderie" as well.

Make Real Money

Enjoying your favorite game and earning real money is the best! You can earn real money during every cricket match by playing one of the many accessible online games. 

To earn more, all you have to do is download the game from the app store, create your ideal team, choose your stadium, and then beat your friends in every match. Play more & win more games.

How to Master Online Cricket Games

Get a Grip on the Cricket Bat

Batsmen are the game's most important players, so remember that. To strike the proper shots, practice swiping on your phone. Learning game shot combinations might help. Additionally, you should be aware that there are benefits and drawbacks to each option.

Loft Shots

Lofted strokes, for example, are referred to as the Power Shot since they carry a forceful blow from your batter.

It's possible to always get a six if you time your Loft shot perfectly. It demands plenty of practice and timing. Getting bowled out or getting dismissed by being caught leg before a wicket is possible if the timing of the swipe is off.

To consistently get the precise stroke, practice is essential. Avoid Lofted Shots against spin spinners.

Ground drive shots

When you watch live cricket matches, you will see that the majority of the batting innings are built on the batsman trying to get the ball to squeeze through the gaps in the field while also attempting to score runs by sprinting between the wickets.

This strategy may also be used in online matches that you participate in. You can earn a four with this shot. This stroke is great since you may play it with your batsman in the default posture.

If you aren't sure what to do, try to hit more ground drive shots instead of lofted shots.

Lineups And Batting Order

The whole cricket team is under your control and direction in this game, exactly like a coach. For example, you have to choose who will be the first batter for the team. 

It is crucial to choose the opening batter since it will establish your dominance throughout the inning. You will see a selection screen in the game that lists each player's name, along with their strength and skill levels.

The most powerful and skilled players should be in the starting lineup since they will set the tone for the whole game. At the beginning of the inning, it will assist you in scoring more runs.

The game's screen is always visible. Remember this so you can make changes if you need to.

Strategies that work well for fielding

Fielding setups that effectively cut off the batting team's ability to score runs. There are three distinct types of fielding formations that may be selected by default. 

However, in order to adapt to the game's style, we advise choosing a bespoke configuration. Typically, the field is split into three zones where the fielders alternate.

During the first part of the inning, the fielding configuration you choose should be one that is aggressive. Putting four fielders in the inner circle gives the team an aggressive look and puts pressure on the batsmen.

When you prevent the batsmen from running between the wickets, they will play lofted shots. It could lead to greater catching opportunities. On the other side, middle-order games are better played in a defensive field arrangement.

Lofted shots and possibilities to make catches at the borders are both greatly enhanced by this move.

The bulk of your fielders will be stationed towards the outfield fences due to the defensive arrangement. It will thus deter batters from hitting several sixers and fours at this point in the game.


Bowling with the Highest Possible Accuracy

In the single-player game, each side starts off with an equal number of fast, spin, and medium-pace bowlers. However, the primary menu does provide access to a large number of players. The team squad roster may be customized, and you can choose extra bowlers for the match.

We suggest picking quick bowlers since they are a sure thing. To prevent the batter from hitting a six out of the ground, you must use yorkers who throw straight toward the stumps. Additionally, you must choose a spin bowling specialty team if you wish to confront the opposition.

Even though learning to spin is a bit challenging at first, it will grow simpler as you practice. Additionally, you will be awarded wickets. The batter at the striker end should be taken into consideration while selecting the spinner.

If the batter is batting left-handed, you should spin the ball to the right in the hopes of convincing him to hit out.

Final Words

The number of people playing free online cricket games is growing by leaps and bounds as time goes by. Downloading one allows you to participate in an online cricket game and perhaps win a reward.

In addition to being a great way to kill some time, these games also provide the chance to win money. What are you still waiting for? Enjoy the advantages by downloading free cricket games immediately.

Therefore, if you want to master the online cricket game, practice shots every day. The more you will play you will improve yourself. Go and get some four and sixes out of that bat. Download any of the free online cricket games and start becoming a champion of cricket games.